Introduction of pill machine

Garyeo Industry an enterprise specialized in Automatic Pill Making Machine, has been manufacturing and distributing the machines producing the variety pills ranging from small size to large size including medicines, health foods, favorite foods, livestock feeds & others with ease. puts the management priority on the machine productivity sustaining uniform quality, convenience of operation and machine durability incurring no frequent troubles, earning the great popularity from the customers.

Auto Pill Macking Machine

The automatic Pill Making Machine of Garyeo Industry can be used in the diverse applications including the medicines & health foods as well as metal pills, inorganic substance pills & etc., expanding the application ranges through continuous machine performance improvement

pill machine
pill making machine
pill making machine
pill making machine
automatic pill making machine

Features of pill machine

1.  ECU System provided together with the simple ON/OFF Switch allows the ease of operation for anyone with

     fully automated operation requiring no specific skill.

     >> Easy operation for anyone with fully automated system.

2.  All stainless steel employed for major components and main body for convenience of cleaning and sterilization

     with hygienic operation.

     >> Ease of hygienic operation and cleaning with all stainless steel components and main body.

3.  Appropriate for mass customized production capable of producing the variety sizes of pills only by fast and

     simple nozzle and roller replacement.

     >> Applicable to producing the variety sizes of pills by nozzle and roller replacement.