As market leading company that manufactures automatic Pill Press Machine, we, Garyeo Industry, manufacture

various machines necessary for manufacturing healthy food, Such as coating machine, grinder, granulator and

packing machine.

PILL PRESS MACHINE capable of automatic operation.

Introduction of Pill Press Machine & Facility

Our pill machine is a model that can be produced automatically and can produce up to 15 ~ 500kg per hour. Currently, it is being used in laboratories, oriental clinics, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Garyeo Industry has been manufacturing the round pill production equipments such as Polishing, Crushing and Packing machine in connection with the Pill Machine.

Automatic Pill Press Machine

The automatic pill machine produces two types. There are 3 types of screw type and 2 types of press type. Press type can be customized for industrial use.

automatic pill making machine

Screw type pill machine is a model that pushes raw material by screw and rolls up and down or left and right to round shape to produce round shaped pills.
It is mainly used in the production of Chinese medicine and health food.

automatic pill making machine

Press type pill machine is a model to produce round shaped pills by pressing raw material with rollers to make round shape. It is used not only for Chinese medicine, health food but also for producing industrial round pill.

This is drum coating machine which is used when making pill more round or coating liquid additive or powder. It is classified as D700/D950/D1000 depending upon its size, and blade can be attached inside or gate can be made for its individual use.

food polishing machine

Granulator is developed in order to manufacture granule product, not pill product. Model : GRG 9 / 12

food granulation machine

This is pin crusher suitable for crushing material which is necessary for making pill. Being manufactured 100% by stainless steel, It is possible to use for manufacturing food or medicine. 

food grinder

This is stick packing machine developed to pack pill/ granule product, and it is possible to pack powder product like coffee and liquid product.

packing machine